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Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Fun! Easy! Yummy!

Choose a Cheerleading Fundraiser that Shows Your Spirit!

Cheer is all about spirit, so why not choose a fundraiser that raises lots of profits and shows your school spirit at the same time?
Custom fundraising products are becoming more popular and easier to order. A very popular spirit fundraising product is the Mascot Tumbler, a 32 oz tumbler that can be customized with your school colors, your mascot or logo, your school or team name, and even your slogan.

How It Works:
It's easy to get started with a Mascot Tumbler spirit fundraiser. A fundraising representative can help you get your images and slogan set on the Mascot Tumbler Layout. Once you have your design set up, you will be able to print out as many order forms as you need with your own design on it. Get started on your Mascot Tumbler cheerleading fundraiser today to raise money and school spirit!

Top Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Mascot Tumblers

Mascot Tumblers

A Great way to show support for your school and raise funds at the same time! Customized 32 oz. Mascot Tumblers. These cutomizable tumblers can have your school logo or mascot!

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie Dough

Cheerleader fundraising could not be any easier than with frozen cookie dough. This popular program has 6 delicious flavors of cookie dough and sells for $10 per 2lb tub.

Fundraising with Gourmet Lollipops

Gourmet Lollipops

Lollipop fundraising is the #1 fundraiser in America, and a cheerleading squad Favorite!!

View Lollipop Fundraiser Details

Candle Fundraising


Candles are a very popular fundraiser. Over 72% of American homes purchase candles annually!

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Plush Bear Fundraisers

Beary Thoughtful

A unique fundraising idea for your Cheer Team. Everybody loves plush bears and these come in many different themes. You can choose from sport themes like soccer, football, and baseball bearsl. There are cheer, music and dance bears. A bear for all occasions!

View Chocolate Plush Bear Fundraiser Details

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